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David Wikander

Keeping The Magic Alive


I thrive on exploring, adventure, diversity, crossing edges, and helping others to feel empowered and connected to their lives.

education was highly valued and encouraged in the home. My academic interests led me to study many subjects ranging from art and music, to field biology and natural resource development. This led me to obtain my teaching credential and to teach Art and River Ecology.

I have been an entrepreneur my entire adult life. I focused on developing and operating several successful businesses ranging from an auto-mechanic business, white water rafting company and finally to my current thriving coaching practice. During my 25 years with my white water rafting company, I developed a diverse program of whitewater journeys ranging from wild and crazy class V whitewater to multi-day wilderness workshops. My main focus was mentoring, leadership development, as well as leading and co-leading workshops. The workshops had an educational, personal or spiritual growth emphasis.

I had a wide-variety of trainings throughout my life that have covered various subjects such as financial management, marketing, sales, outdoor leadership, wellness, Native American teachings, hypnotherapy, and coaching. 

Within my current coaching practice I work with individuals, couples and teams both locally and worldwide. I am a Senior Faculty member with CRR Global Coaching School, a school that teaches Advanced Coach Training and Certification. With CRR Global, I am a Course Trainer, as well as an Individual and Group Certification Supervisor.

Whether it's leading a river trip, a workshop, teaching or coaching, my clients and colleagues have said I bring a balance of safety, heart, play, personal depth and magic to the work I do. I draw upon the immense diversity of my life experience and bring this to my clients to create a level of depth, compassion, insight and creativity to the coaching process. This helps my clients feel contacted, understood and accepted regardless of their life and professional circumstance, background or challenges faced. I am able to help my clients see possibilities and how to navigate the path forward. 

Leading for Crr in spain

23 years

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Adventure on Rivers


snapshot of my Journey:

Part of what I bring to my coaching is an immense diversity in education, training, mentoring, teaching, leadership development and workshop leading, as well as developing and operating several highly successful businesses.  I add to this my own lifelong personal and spiritual growth path. 

As a renaissance spirit my interests have led me to explore many diverse and varied paths. As early as age 14, I became interested in personal growth and began reading books focusing on Zen and Eastern Spirituality, including subjects such as Sociology and Psychology. I was raised in a multi-cultural family where cultural 

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