keeping the magic alive

david wikander​, cpcc, orscc, pcc

David Wikander

Keeping The Magic Alive


I wanted to voice my deep appreciation for your graceful ability to facilitate the growth of the relationship I share with my partner. Today we addressed issues which affect me more than any other…essentially the difficulty surrounding them has proven to be the largest roadblock in this relationship for me and consequently to my partner. I have felt so suffocated by this and I know that it has prevented my full attention, growth and willingness in other areas. I honestly feel as if a floodgate has been pried open and the waters of my life are finally being set free.

Thank you so much for these gifts.

                                                                     Much Love, D.C.

Couple's Coaching

Very few of us have had positive role models and/or training to be skillful in relationship. The good news is that we can learn. 

In relationship coaching, I help with skillful communication and deeper levels of understanding to create vital and fulfilling relationships. I help you learn effective language as well as tools to navigate the challenges and manifest relationship vitality. 

The biggest mistake couples can make is to ignore relationship issues or become complacent with what it takes to nurture the kind of relationship that you are looking for.

Often couples will wait many years before getting help and become steeped in unhealthy communication patterns and resentments. As long as both people are open to learning and practicing the tools and skills taught in coaching, positive change can turn the tide towards a vibrant relationship. 

For those of you who are in a new relationship and seeking out coaching, congratulations! I will help you pro-actively identify and shift any emerging blocks that may be chipping away positivity and intimacy. Keeping the relationship magic alive takes knowledge, practice, and intention. 

Whether you are newly in relationship and want to start things out well or have been with each other for many years, relationship coaching can create positive and lasting change. I work with couples of all nationalities and sexual orientations throughout the globe. 

Please contact me to discuss how coaching can help your relationship.

I coach in person, on the phone and by Skype.