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david wikander​, cpcc, orscc, pcc

David Wikander

Keeping The Magic Alive


Firstly, I would like to thank you for being a FANTASTIC coach. You are the first coach that I feel helps me grow and move forward after each and every session. I love our sessions and have to admit, look quite excitedly at the new discoveries to be made. You created a space for me to be myself in my vulnerabilities and yet to get over it to focus on my strengths. It's such a wonderful feeling and a real big gift for me. 

                                                                                 From M.


With individual coaching, I help you become empowered to live your life with purpose, intention and satisfaction by recognizing and developing your strengths as well as leveraging your challenges. 

Individual coaching is a collaborative process in which together we help to clarify your goals, your aspirations, your vision, what may be troubling you, your challenges, your emotional triggers, and whatever other issues you are wanting to work with in this process.  Whether this is career-related or within your personal relationships or simply for leading a more fulfilling life, I help to support you to move from point A to point B in your life as identified by you. 

In this process, we work with many different tools, skills, and discover different aspects of self to help manifest your vision of your life. Upon concluding each session, we will develop a focus or practice for you to incorporate and work with between our sessions. 

Please contact me to discuss how individual coaching can help you in your life.

I coach in person, on the phone and by Skype.