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Professional Leadership/mentor coaching

One of my favorite things to do is to help leaders, managers, and coaches become more authentic, effective, and masterful. 

While studying theory and learning skills are important, at some point, it's important to look at your unique style. What do you naturally bring as a coach, manager or leader? How can you leverage your strengths and build the areas of challenge? 

Masterful leadership goes hand in hand with personal awareness work. Becoming self-aware, embracing one's strengths and continuing to expand one's range, are three keys to masterful leadership.

Some of the questions we will look at in coaching are below:

  • What makes an effective leader?
  • What is your leadership style?
  • How do you effectively engage your team?
  • What are your natural strengths as a leader, manager or coach?
  • Where do you need to grow?
  • Where might you expand your range?
  • How can you leverage your strengths?

Through these questions and a dynamic coaching process I will help you find your "inner" leader, manager or coach and manifest that out in your professional world.

Please contact me to discuss how professional leadership or mentor coaching can help you.

I coach in person, on the phone and by Skype.

I am so grateful for all the work you've helped me with. I feel so much more in control of the various parts of myself now that I'm aware of them. Thinking back to the person I was even a year ago before we started, I'm amazed at the changes. 

Thank you for staunchly sticking to the affirmative approaches, especially during moments when it would have been so easy to work the other way. 

Your patience, integrity, generosity of spirit and insight are appreciated.

                                                     Gratefully Yours, V

Professional individual Coaching

Below are few of the common challenges my clients bring to professional individual coaching. All of us tend to have some of these issues that repeatedly hinder our professional world.

  • Growing oneself as a leader
  • Communication issues
  • How to have challenging conversations
  • Strengthening sense of purpose
  • Clarifying one's focus and priorities
  • Work-life balance, particularly overwhelm
  • Navigating change
  • Strategies for developing and growing one's business

In professional coaching it helps to partner with someone skilled in asking questions, listening and paying attention to what is not being said, and what is underneath the "story" or the presenting dialogue. 

I help you identify and leverage your strengths and develop new skills to tackle challenges. We will look for possibilities and how to navigate roadblocks. Skill building and personal awareness are important and it's an opportunity to become more masterful in one's professional life.

Please contact me to discuss how professional individual coaching can help you.

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