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David Wikander

Keeping The Magic Alive


The Coaching session we had 12 days ago was one of the most profound experiences of coaching I have ever had. That session changed me. It was one of the best, if not THE best coaching I have ever had the privilege to experience. I love the combination of your training and your intuition. It creates genius. Please keep doing what you are doing. You have a tremendous gift. Each session I have with you builds on the one previous to it. I can feel growth happening and I like it!

Personal Coaching

My approach could best be described as systems-oriented. This approach takes into account that we are in constant relationship, whether the relationship is to the many aspects of our self, the relationship we have to others in our personal life, or the relationship we have within a team or organization.

We can learn to navigate these relationships successfully by developing and strengthening emotional, social and systems intelligence. This opens the door for fulfilling and successful relationships with self, others, and all the different aspects of life.

I work with clients from around the globe. People come for a variety of reasons: relationship issues, feeling stuck, lack of clarity about decisions or direction, career issues, setting and reaching goals, for a sounding board, and for help and support with any number of issues that we all face in the world today. 

Coaching is about helping people live a more productive, fulfilled, balanced and empowered life. This includes having rich, rewarding, dynamic and vibrant relationships.

On a side note, many potential clients ask what the difference is between coaching and therapy. Coaching is a dynamic vehicle for personal and professional growth and has its roots in positive psychology, solution-focused, and client-centered models of therapy as well as influences from the human potential movement and various leadership models. This approach is different from the psychodynamic or "disease" models of traditional therapy yet there are many overlapping issues that both coaches and therapists work with effectively.

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I coach in person, on the phone and by Skype.