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David wikander

Keeping The Magic Alive



I feel compelled to write you a note of gratitude for the valuable group supervision call this week. Your feedback and insights were so helpful and spot on. And your modeling of how to hold a system/team in delivering the feedback was graceful and fun to watch/experience first-hand. I am already looking forward to the next supervision with you. 

The caring and deep interest you clearly have in this model and in deepening my learning was both recognized and greatly appreciated. Thank you!

                                                                With Gratitude, D.

Professional Coaching

I work with individuals, teams and organizations to help clarify and focus professional objectives. I use a systems coaching approach, which is becoming more widely accepted and recognized in the professional world today.

Some common challenges I work with in organizations and teams: 

  • Lack of Relationship Systems Intelligence, RSI™  
  • Fostering positivity
  • Effectively navigating change 
  • Diversity issues within the organization and customer-base
  • Conflict and communication

Please be sure to review the Individual and Teams information below the Professional tab for more detailed information on each of these coaching areas.

I coach in person, on the phone and by Skype.