keeping the magic alive

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David Wikander

Keeping The Magic Alive



Leadership and Coaching Books:

  • Leadership and Self Deception: The Arbinger Institute
  • Blink: Malcom Gladwell
  • Delivering Happiness: Tony Hsieh
  • The Happiness Advantage: Shawn Achor
  • Personal Mythology: David Feinstein and Stanley Krippner
  • Co-Active Coaching: Karen and Henry Kimsey-House and Phillip Sandahl

Coaching Schools:

  • CRR Global:
  • The Coaches Training Institute, CTI:

Newsletter by Tracy & David Wikander

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Relationship Books:

  • Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: John Gottman
  • Passionate Marriage: David Schnarch
  • Transcendent Sex: Jenny Wade
  • Meant To Be: Joyce and Barry Vissell

Gender Books:

  • Same Difference: Rosalind Barnett and Caryl Rivers
  • What Women & Men Really Want: Aaron Kipnis and Elizabeth Herron