keeping the magic alive

david wikander​, cpcc, orscc, pcc

David Wikander

Keeping The Magic Alive


Dear David,

I hope you arrived safe and healthy at home.

I do not have a word what to thank you for what you brought to me and to CRR Japan on this trip. It was an outstanding Integration course, and I have learnt so much from how you are and lead. And most of all, it was full of FUN and Love.

I am cherishing the many wonderful moments we connect and create together.

Professional Team Coaching

Have you ever been part of a high performance team or organization? Have you ever witnessed one that seemed to "click" with a positive culture and was highly productive? There certainly are plenty of examples of the opposite of high functioning and positive teams, including within many government agencies. What has some teams thrive with positivity and results while others trudge along, struggle, and have high turnover? 

Some of the challenges I address with teams:

  • Mergers
  • Change being the new "norm"
  • Cultural diversity awareness
  • Multi-national challenges
  • Silo's among departments 
  • Lack of positive communication

Part of the systems approach,, I use, is to foster Relationship Systems Intelligence, RSI™. RSI™ includes emotional and social intelligence and broadens the lens to include the system. It is the ability to work skillfully with the emotional aspects of all levels of a relationship system: self, other, and team.

I will help your team to work with the principles of effective change theory, develop skillful communication, as well as learning and implementing other skills that foster a positive team culture producing a team that is effective, productive, and is fun to be a part of.

Please contact me to discuss how I can help your team.

I coach in person and small teams have the option for phone and Skype.