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We have been together as a couple for over 23 years, raised two children and currently enjoy being grandparents to our two grandchildren. The story of our meeting was published in a book on magical meetings, Meant To Be, by Barry and Joyce Vissell. We were interviewed for a book on couples that have successfully navigated challenges while maintaining a vibrant relationship, and were featured in a PhD dissertation on Sacred Sexuality. 

We believe that relationships can thrive and remain full of vitality, intimacy, and passion over the

years. Few of us were mentored or have role models for how to build and sustain a vibrant and

​intentional relationship. Few relationships will be able to achieve an ever-growing aliveness without some guidance and support. With positive guidance, nurturing, communication tools, and willingness, most couples can have their desired relationship. We work with couples individually and in workshop trainings to foster vibrant relationships. For more information about Tracy, please visit her website at www.therapybytracy.com

Some common areas of exploration during our individual couples and workshop trainings:

  • Greater feelings of closeness, connection and intimacy
  • Practical communication skills and tools to easily integrate into your daily life
  • How to increase the positivity in your relationship
  • Stepping out of the conflict wheel into effective ways of communication
  • Healing old wounds, betrayal and trust issues
  • ​Projections, assumptions and roles
  • How to nurture romance and sexuality
  • Increasing the spark, fire, and fun

Our trainings are interactive dynamic experiences where we practice and anchor learnings, tools, and insights​. All of our trainings are open to all sexual and gender orientations.


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couples Vitality Trainings with tracy and david

Fostering Vibrant Relationships


david wikander​, cpcc, orscc, pcc

David Wikander

Keeping The Magic Alive


keeping the magic alive

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